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Welcome to Degermann !

Surrounded by the famous vineyards of the Alsace region of France, only minutes from the Rhine river to the east and the Vosges mountains to the west lies the quaint and picturesque village of Barr, where today, the Degermann family continues to produce fine calf leathers. Led today by Monsieur Nicolas Degermann, his family's tannery has maintained a passion and know how for producing leather of the highest quality in this village for nearly 500 years, and will continue to maintain this passion for innovation, quality, and beauty in their leathers well into the next millenium.


The Degermann family and the management working with them continue the traditions of producing premium calf leathers through regular investment in state of the art technology, and modern tanning chemicals, as well as maintaining some of the traditions and tanning methods handed down from generation to generation since the sixteenth century. By adhering to these principles, Degermann today produces calf of vintage quality and beauty in an exceptionally clean facility which surpasses all of the current international environmental regulations.

At Degermann, we work only with the finest French calf raw hides. Our labor force consists of people from family who have worked alongside one another and the Degermann family since the business began. Barr is famous throughout our region for the quality of leather tanning and craftsmanship, and we now supply calf to the manufacturers of custom furniture for European royalty, fine leather goods for the more famous brand names, watchstraps for the finest Swiss and European watchmakers, handbags and luggage from the leading salons of Paris, and of course the finest shoes from the custom manufacturers of footwear throughout Europe and the U.S.

We strive to maintain a daily contact with our customers here in France, the other EEC countries, and throughout the world, in order to know of new or changing needs caused by fashion and markets as soon as possible, so that we may respond to these changes immediately. By staying on top of the markets, and by being flexible and ready to adjust to them, we at Degermann are constantly creating new items textures and colors as well as adjusting some of our traditional leathers to meet the precise requirements and desires of our customers.

Our tannery today is producing approximately 150,000 Ft of the finest quality calf on a monthly basis, and we export over 40% of this production.


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